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Alclad Chrome For Lexan Alc 114

Manufacturer part number: Alc114
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Manufacturer: Alclad
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(Alc114). Alclad Chrome for Lexan ALC 114. Alclad II Chrome For Lexan** ALC-114. APPLICATION GUIDE-POLYCARBONATE/LEXAN BODY SHELLS:* The surface must be thoroughly cleaned remove release agent,adhesive residue and finger marks.. Regular ALCLAD -apply 2-3 light coats at 15-20 psi-back with any R/C paint.. High Shine Alclad-apply 2-3 light coats at 15-20 psi,large areas can be backed with water based black or silver paint.. Application Directions:* Shake well before use. * Thoroughly clean surfaces. * Remove Adhesive Residue, Release Agent & Fingerprints.* Spray light coats at 15 - 20 psi. * Back ALCLAD II with any dark color. * Clean with lacquer thinners.