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Alpha .21 Dragon II Worlds Edition Engine

Manufacturer part number: 21-DRAGONII
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Manufacturer: Alpha
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This is the Alpha Dragon II "Worlds Edition" .21 Off Road Engine. Welcome to Alpha's latest and most innovative engine yet; the Alpha Plus Dragon II. Featuring the Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft, made popular in the Alpha Ryan Lutz Worlds Edition Engine, and also a brand new 3 needle carb, the Dragon II is designed for more fuel mileage, a more consistent idle and optimum all around performance. The engine comes with a stylish cooling head, 6, 6.5 and 7mm venturi's and a T3 Glow Plug. 

Displacement: 3.49cc 
Bore: 16.26mm 
Stroke: 16.8mm 
Practical RPM: 4,000 - 40,300rpm 
Power Output: 2.80PS/38,800rpm 
Weight Approx: approx. 361g 
Ports: 3 Ports 
Sleeve: ABC 
Crankshaft: Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft w/Special Material 
Crankshaft Diameter: 14mm 
Glow Plug Type: Turbo 
Exhaust: Rear 
Carburetor Diameter: 8.8mm (Variable) 
Case Material: Aluminum 
Carburetor: 3 Needles