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Alpha A352 .23 Engine

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Manufacturer: Alpha
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If Bottom end power and something to move your truggy fast is what your after then look no further! This .23 Alpha Plus engine is a powerhouse designed for truggy domination. Also a great engine if you want more power than you can handle in your nitro buggy for bashing around and beating friends!

Engine Specifications:
Displacement: 3.45cc
Bore: 16.26mm
Stroke: 16.8mm
Practical RPM: 3,000 - 39,800rpm
Weight Approx: 350g
Ports: 5+2 Ports
Sleeve: ABC
Crankshaft Diam: 14mm 
Glow Plug Type: Turbo
Exhaust: Rear
Carburetor Diam: 8mm (Variable)
Case Material: Aluminum