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Alpha Lutz .21 Worlds Edition Engine

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Alpha Plus Ryan Lutz WORLDS Edition Engine .21 * It has finally arrived! After nearly a year of refinement and perfecting the Ryan Lutz Worlds Edition Engine has arrived and is ready to transform your 1/8th R/C car! * Here is my verbiage about this new engine: * Introducing the Alpha Plus “Ryan Lutz Worlds Edition Engine”. After the much greater than anticipated success of the current version of the “Lutz Edition Engine”, Alpha Plus and Ryan Lutz have worked hard to bring it to the next level. The goals in developing this next gen of the “Lutz” engine were to increase durability, drivability, and as always fuel mileage. There are a number of changes that have been done that will achieve just that. First change is a new crankshaft with the name Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft. Great thought went into this Patented DEC (Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft) with key features including a stronger crankpin that is much more resistant to wear. But the biggest innovation is Alpha Plus developed a way to perfectly place a brass weight into the silicone filling in the crankshaft. This has been done to perfectly balance the crankshaft and produces a smoother running engine with increased fuel mileage and a smoother drivability. The next change is the ConRod, which is being made out of a better material and has been made ultra resistant to wear and tear. Finally a change to the crankcase with increased material strength among other minor revisions to improve durability even further. So there you have it. The Alpha Plus “Ryan Lutz Worlds Edition Engine” is taking it to the next level. This engine will serve all skill levels extremely well from the beginner all the way to the seasoned pro!