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Dynamite Starter Pack Nitro

Manufacturer part number: DYN2305
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Manufacturer: Dynamite
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(DYN2305). Product Description. Key Features. DC 3-way Peak Charger* 5 cell hump Ni-MH 1100 receiver battery pack* Ni-Cd 1600 glow igniter* 4-way glow plug wrench* Tuning screwdriver* Overview. The Dynamite® Fast-Start Nitro Starter Pack includes everything you need to get your nitro vehicle up and running, except fuel.. Includes: * DC 3-way Peak Charger * 5 cell hump Ni-MH 1100 receiver battery pack * Ni-Cd 1600 glow igniter * 4-way glow plug wrench * Tuning screwdriver