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Klotz Super Techiniplate 1 Liter Oil

Manufacturer part number: Kl-100
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Manufacturer: Klotz
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(Kl-100). Excellent blend of 80% Techniplate synthetic and 20% Benol Racing Castor oil. Provides film strength of Castor oil with clean burning characteristics of Klotz synthetic lubricants. Superior film strength and anti scuff protection, extreme load carrying capacity reduces ring sticking and engine wear. Clean burn technology. Has the racy scent during use. Pre mix use. Blends with methanol, nitromethane and gasoline. 

• Identifiable Klotz red...Smells like Klotz
• Original Klotz TechniPlate synthetic lubricant and 20% Be.NOL racing castor
• Provides film strength of castor oil with clean burning characteristics of Klotz synthetic lubricants
• Extreme load carrying capacity reduces engine wear
• Clean Burn™ technology reduces carbon and residue build-up
• Blends with methanol alcohol, ethanol, nitromethane and gasoline • Premix only- not intended for oil injection