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3 In 1 Mini solar robot

This solar-powered robot is compact yet multifunctional. It climbs along clothes lines, walks under sunlight and can be transformed in to a cool solar vehicle.
€33.00 incl GST

airfix 1910 B type Omnibus 1:32

A water-cooled 4 cylinder petrol engine producing 25hp powered the bus through a 3-speed and reverse gearbox with a shaft to the rear wheels. The chassis was made of ash faced with steel and the cast steel wheels had solid rubber tyres. Civilian versions were fitted with fenders on each side between the wheels to prevent people from falling under the rear wheels.
€72.00 incl GST

Airfix Albion 3-Point Fueller 1:48

Those that remained gave sterling service during the Battle of Britain, helping to quickly refuel fighters in between sortie, their three refueling hoses drastically cutting down the time needed.
€36.00 incl GST

Airfix Armstrong whitworth whitley GR.Mk.Vll

Perhaps not the most famous RAF aircraft of WWII, the Whitley was one of three British medium bombers in service at the outbreak of the Second World War and although it was withdrawn from front line bombing duties following the introduction of heavier, four-engined bombers, it was to see service right through to the end of the war.
€100.00 incl GST

Airfix Avro Lancaster B.1 1:72

Of all the RAF bombers involved in operations over Germany during the Second World War, the Avro Lancaster must rank as the most famous of them all.
€86.00 incl GST

Airfix Avro Lancaster B.lll 1:72

While the Lancaster saw the vast majority of its service as a high altitude night bomber attacking strategic targets deep within Germany, notably its involvement in the battles of the Ruhr, Hamburg and Berlin, it was a daring low-level raid that gave the Lancaster arguably its finest hour.
€100.00 incl GST

Airfix Avro Vulcan B Mk2 XH558 1:72

XH558 was the last Vulcan to leave the RAF service, flying on from 1986 to 1993 as the single RAF Display Vulcan, a career of 33 years.
€99.00 incl GST

Airfix Bedford MWD

The Bedford MW series was the smallest of the wartime Bedford trucks and many thousands were produced throughout the Second World War. Early models earned the nickname the ‘Pneumonia Wagon’ due to their small windscreens and open cabs.
€40.00 incl GST

Airfix Boeing B-17G Flying fortress 1:72

The definitive version of this classic USAAF heavy bomber, the Boeing B-17G incorporated a host of improvements on the earlier models of the Flying Fortress.
€86.00 incl GST

Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 1:72

The Boulton-Paul Defiant was the only ‘turret fighter’ to enter service with the RAF.
€23.00 incl GST

Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.l

With its powered dorsal mounted turret, the Boulton Paul Defiant was one of the most interesting fighter aircraft to see service during the Second World War.
€54.00 incl GST

Airfix Bristol beafighter TF.X

The Bristol Beaufighter was a WWII British long range heavy fighter, developed from the earlier Beaufort design. Featuring two powerful Bristol Hercules engines.
€50.00 incl GST

Airfix Bristol Blenheim Mk.IVF 1:72

Ordered straight from the drawing board in 1935 the Bristol Type 142, later called the Blenheim was, for its time, a very advanced aircraft but by the outbreak of the Second World War it had been overtaken by fighter development.
€48.00 incl GST

Airfix British Airborne Willys Jeep

The Willys Jeep, officially designated Truck, 1/2 ton, 4x4, is the best known of all the American vehicles of the Second World War. Originally intended to be a command and reconnaissance car, it became the most versatile of all vehicles. Able to be armed with machine guns and to tow small artillery pieces, the Jeep was essential to the Allied war effort.
€25.00 incl GST

Airfix Churchill MK Vll Tank 1:76

Contents may vary from those illustrated
€18.00 incl GST

Airfix Cromwell lV Tank 1:76

Colour and contents of products may vary from those illustrated
€23.00 incl GST

Airfix Crusader Mk.lll 1:32

The Crusader Tank was one of the primary weapons of the British Army during its early engagements with the Germans during the Second World War. While early variants fought in the campaigns in France and then Greece, the Mk.III Crusader proved itself to be invaluable during the desert in North Africa where, in the vast expanses of the desert speed was a vital factor in tank engagements.
€81.00 incl GST

Airfix Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2 1:72

Speed: 350mph Armament: 4 x .30cal Browning machine guns and 2 x .50cal Browning machine guns Range: 730 miles
€18.00 incl GST

Airfix Curtiss P-40B Warhawk

During the early stages of WWII, the American built Curtiss P-40B proved to be one of the most important fighter aircraft available to Allied Air Forces. Flying with the RAF in North Africa and the American Volunteer Group in China, the Allison V-1710-33 powered P-40B was to became one of the most distinctive fighters of the entire war, wearing their fearsome shark-mouth artwork.
€60.00 incl GST

Airfix De Havilland Comet 4B

The second World War had seriously affected Great Britain’s abilities to proceed with airliner development, and it was realised that the USA would have virtual domination in this field unless steps were taken to catch up. The Brabazon Committee was formed in 1943 to look into Britain’s post war aviation prospects, and a series of recommendations was issued in 1944; one of these was to produce an advanced turbojet powered airliner for BOAC.
€55.00 incl GST