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Airfix English Electric Lightning F.6 1:72

Entering RAF squadron service in 1960, the Lightning represented a quantum leap in capability and performance over the RAF’s previous interceptor jets, offering Mach 2+ performance as well as a phenomenal rate of climb.
€54.00 incl GST

Airfix Fokker E.ll Eindecker 1:72

Significant in the history of aerial warfare, the Fokker Eindecker was the first purpose built German WWI fighter aircraft and the first to be fitted with gun synchronisation gear, which allowed the pilot to shoot through the arc of the propeller and in his line of sight. Once introduced, it took a withering toll of Allied aircraft.
€18.00 incl GST

Airfix Fokker E.ll Royal aircraft Factory BE2c

The Fokker ‘Eindecker’ (meaning single wing) monoplane fighters were the first purpose designed Fokker E.II Eindecker Specification: German fighter aircraft of the First World War. Fitted for the first time with reliable ‘interrupter gear’ which enabled the single machine gun to fire through the blades of the propeller, the Eindecker was able to easily shoot down the slow and vulnerable Allied reconnaissance aircraft of the period.
€65.00 incl GST

Airfix Gruman Martlet mk.lV 1:72

At a time when the Royal Navy were desperately in need of an effective single engine fighter, the new American F4F Wildcat was seen as the ideal solution and was immediately pressed into service. Known as the Martlet in Fleet Air Arm service, this diminutive aircraft was used operationally right through to the end of the war in Europe.
€23.00 incl GST

Airfix Grumana F4F-4 Wildcat 1:72

The F4F Wildcat was the US Navy's primary carrier borne fighter aircraft at the start of the Second World War.
€23.00 incl GST

Airfix Handley Page Halifax B.III 1:72

The first types of Handley Page Halifax, the Marks I and II, were fitted with in-line engines and triangular fins and it was not until 1944 that the radial-engine Mark III appeared. The Halifax B.III, in addition to its more powerful engines and redesigned tail unit, featured much heavier armaments than the earlier aircraft and a greatly improved performance.
€72.00 incl GST

Airfix Hawker hurricane Mk.1 1:72

Nevertheless, once fitted with 3-blade propellers these early Hurricanes were very successful during the Battle of Britain in 1940.
€18.00 incl GST

Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.l Tropical 1:48

The rugged and reliable Hawker Hurricane was arguably the most important fighter aircraft available to the Royal Air Force at the beginning of WWII.
€54.00 incl GST

Airfix Hawker Typhoon lB 1:72

Colour and contents of products may vary from those illustrated
€23.00 incl GST

Airfix Heinkel He111 H-6 1:72

This will be a highly detailed model and will include a number of significant new parts: Junkers Jumo 211 engines Large ‘paddle’ propellers External weapons hard points One 1000kg ‘Hermann’ bomb Two LT F5b air launch torpedoes Improved defensive gondola, under the fuselage (several new parts) New weapons and gun positions
€81.00 incl GST

Airfix Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3 1:72

The Jet Provost was introduced in the late 1950s and quickly became the RAF’s premier jet basic trainer.
€23.00 incl GST

Airfix Junkers Ju87B-1 STUKA 1:72

The Junkers Ju87 Stuka quickly became one of the most infamous, and feared weapons of the Second World War.
€36.00 incl GST

Airfix Junkers Ju87B-2 STUKA 1:48

Arguably one of the most distinctive aircraft of WWII, the Ju87B Stuka was a highly effective dive and attack bomber, capable of delivering precision bombing attacks.
€81.00 incl GST

Airfix Messerschmit Bf110C

Championed by Hermann Goering, the Messerschmitt Bf 110 Destroyer, (or Heavy Fighter) concept was certainly sound in theory, giving these slightly larger aircraft much greater range and devastating firepower. Unfortunately, the increase in size and weight left the Destroyers vulnerable to the more manoeuvrable single engined fighters of the RAF.
€30.00 incl GST

Airfix Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 1:72

Colour and contents of products may vary from those illustrated
€18.00 incl GST

Airfix Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 1:72

Colour and contents of products may vary from those illustrated
€23.00 incl GST

Airfix Mini Countryman WRC 1:32

Launched by the MINI WRC team during the 2011 World Rally Championship.
€36.00 incl GST

Airfix Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero 1:72

The Mitsubishi zero was a naval fighter plane used in the second world war for the Japanese.
€18.00 incl GST

Airfix Monty's Humber Snipe Staff Car 1:32

General Montgomery famously travelled in his Humber Snip 4 X 2 Four-Seat Open Tourer, both in the North African campaigns and also those of Western Europe after the D-Day landings. This kit comes with the famous General dressed in his well known battledress and beret, along with his dedicated driver.
€55.00 incl GST

Airfix Nakajima B5N1 'Kate' 1:72

When the Nakajima B5N1 torpedo bomber entered service in 1937, it was the most advanced aircraft of its type in the world. Known by its Allied reporting name of ‘Kate’, the B5N1 proved devastatingly effective in the early Pacific engagements of WWII.
€50.00 incl GST