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Bandai 1/12th Star Wars General Grievous Kit

General Grievous
$150.00 incl GST

Belkits SKODA FABIA S2000 EVO Hayden Paddon Edition

Special release comes with extra set of stickers to detail the car as Hayden Paddons was in Rally Deutschland 2013.
$130.00 incl GST

Buzz Wire

Construct your own Buzz Wire and learn how to complete an electric circuit. Move the wand along the Buzz Wire from one end to the other. If the wand touches the wire, the circuit is closed, causing the buzzer to sound.
$23.00 incl GST

Fun Mechanics Hover racer

Watch your own fantastic Hover Racer skim smoothly across the floor supported on its cushion of air. Learn the science facts behind the hovercraft. It's a fun science project which supports the school curriculum. And it's an ideal science-fair kit too.
$27.00 incl GST

Fun Mechanics Kit Tin Can Cable Car

Recycle a drink can to make a unique cable car. Install it in your bedroom and watch it run to and fro, up and down. It's a cool mechanical science project.
$27.00 incl GST

Green Science Potato Clock

Be a Scientist as you discover how to power this digital clock using potatoes. Experiment to find out what other substances will power the clock - you will be amazed!
$23.00 incl GST

Green science Salt-Powered Robot

Put this robot mini vehicle together, then add salty water to the power compartment and off it goes!
$23.00 incl GST

Kidzlabs Magnet Science

Contains a super magnet set that could be transformed to perform 10 fun experiments and games. Make a super power horse shoe magnet or a magnet wand. Construct a super magnet racer, a yacht compass or a mysterious dangler. You can also have great fun. Detailed assembly and game instructions with fun facts and principles of magnetism.
$23.00 incl GST

Kidzlabs Pump rocket science

Launch micro rockets that fly up to 20 feet, a rocket racer that speeds across the floor, and gliders that soar across the sky. Discover the Newtonian rocket science behind 3, 2, 1. Blast Off!
$23.00 incl GST

Kidzlabs Robotic Hand

Build your own robotic hand. Amaze your friends with this simple but fun automation.
$23.00 incl GST

Kidzlabs Volcano Making kit

Make a solid volcano with the mould and plaster provided. Paint and decorate your volcano with lava flow, landscapes etc. Put baking soda and vinegar into the "crater" and perform an amazing eruption in front of your friends and family. Your volcano will erupt with bubbly, fizzy lava. It's an awesome science project and it makes a cool desktop decoration too. The eruption can be performed repeatedly.
$23.00 incl GST

Minicraft 1/48 Piper Cherokee

Detailed interior and engine Removable cowling Premium cartograf decals for 4 marking options!
$49.00 incl GST

Minicraft 1/48 Piper Super Cub

Premium cartograf decals for 4 marking options! Creating your own personal registration number!
$49.00 incl GST

Minicraft 1:48 Cessna 150

Removable cowling Detailed interior And engine Includes decals for creating your own personal registration number!
$49.00 incl GST

Minicraft 1:72 B-24D Formation ship

Rotating propellers 3 marking options Decals by cartograf
$58.00 incl GST